Pearl Crescent
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The Services We Offer Include:
  • App development for iPhone®, iPad®, and other iOS® devices.
  • Browser extension design and implementation.
  • Application software design and implementation.
  • Widget design and implementation.
  • Expert consulting in:
    • LDAP Directory services.
    • IETF Internet standards.
    • W3C Web standards and guidelines.
    • Open source development.
We have extensive experience designing, implementing, and testing software on iOS (iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®), Microsoft Windows®, Mac OS®, and POSIX® (Unix and Linux) systems.

Our browser extension expertise covers Firefox® (including creation of platform-specific components using js-ctypes or XPCOM) and Google Chrome®.

Our People:
Pearl Crescent's two principal staff members are: In addition, we have the ability to bring in a variety of other top-notch people to work on projects as appropriate.

Additional Reasons to Choose Pearl Crescent for Your Next Project:
  • Proven record in delivering high-quality software.
  • Incremental development process (clients can easily track our progress and there are fewer surprises).
  • Pair programming and code reviews used to avoid security holes and reduce bugs.
  • The software we create is easy to localize and use internationally.
  • We take pride in creating sophisticated software that is valuable and easy to use.
Contact Information:
Pearl Crescent, LLC
447 Marlpool Drive
Saline, MI USA 48176-1519

Phone: +1 (734) 944-2856

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