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Kathleen Brade is an experienced software engineer and team manager.  She is a Mozilla® module owner and has checkin privileges for the Mozilla source tree.  Kathy's expertise includes:
  • Expert C++, JavaScript® and Objective-C® coder.
  • Developing apps for iPhone® and other iOS® devices.
  • More than 12 years experience with the Mozilla code, covering many areas including:
    editor, dom, layout, saving, clipboard, browser, network
    webdav, preferences, xpcom, mailnews, imaging, nspr.
  • Embedding Gecko (the Mozilla rendering engine) in other applications.
  • Creating extensions for Firefox® and other Mozilla applications.
  • Creating applications using Mozilla technology.
  • W3C standards expertise, including CSS and DOM.
  • Creation of educational software for K-12 and higher education.
Kathy has a background in user interface design and usability.  Prior to founding Pearl Crescent, she was employed by Netscape where she served in many roles, including team lead and manager of the Mozilla editor team.
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