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Pearl Crescent Page Saver — Capturing Flash Content

With Firefox and Page Saver, you can capture Flash content on most web pages.  Flash content will be captured if you have a new enough version of Adobe Flash Player installed and you have enabled the Flash capture option within Page Saver.

PlatformMinimum Flash Player Version
Intel-based Mac OS X9.0.124

In many cases, Flash content that is visible and scrolled into view within the window will be captured even if you do not enable Page Saver’s Flash capture option but to ensure that Flash content is captured whenever possible, always enable the Flash capture option.

In rare circumstances, Page Saver’s Flash capture option may interfere with loading of Flash elements on a particular web page.  If you encounter a problem that may be related to Flash, try temporarily disabling Page Saver’s Flash capture option.

Using Page Saver’s Flash Capture Option

To enable Page Saver’s Flash capture option, check Arrange to Capture Flash Content on the Page Saver menu.  You can also check the box on the Image Capture tab within the Page Saver Options window.  After you enable this option, you need to reload web pages that contain Flash for it to take effect.  From the command line, use the -captureflash flag to enable this option on a page-by-page basis.  With Page Saver Pro, you can use the -saveoptions flashdelay=ms command line option to add a delay before pages that contain Flash are captured (this provides time for the Flash content to load).

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