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NOTE:  This add-on is a XUL/XPCOM extension and therefore it is not compatible with recent versions of Firefox.

Keyword Box is a free (no cost) extension for Mozilla Firefox that adds a toolbar item which invokes a script or URL with the text you enter.  The script can be customized to your needs or you can use one of the sample scripts provided by the extension.  Keyword Box includes the following sample scripts:
  • Web Dev Lookup
    Look up CSS properties, HTML tags, JavaScript functions or PHP functions (useful for web developers).
  • Highlight Text
    Highlight (and a yellow background) to each occurrence of a word or phrase on the currently loaded web page.
  • Go to Mozilla Bug
    View Mozilla bug reports including those for Firefox and Thunderbird.
  • Weather
    Get weather information for U.S. locations (useful for people who travel often.)
  • Map
    Show information from Google Maps.

Why Use Keyword Box?
Keyword Box provides capabilities similar to bookmark keywords in Firefox.  We created Keyword Box because some people prefer to have a specific text entry field that makes the availability of a shortcut more prominent.

Keyword Box works with Firefox 31 and newer on all operating systems.

Keyword Box has been translated into the following languages: 

Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Swedish, and Turkish.

Help and Support
For assistance with Keyword Box:
Copyright and License
Keyword Box is Copyright © 2007-2017 Pearl Crescent, LLC.

Keyword Box may be used in packaged, binary form for any legal purpose at no cost.  Keyword Box is provided "as-is" and Pearl Crescent makes no other warranties with respect to its quality, performance, or fitness for any particular purpose.
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