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Determining If Do Not Disturb Is Installed
The Firefox Tools Menu
Figure 1 — The Firefox Tools Menu
After you install the Do Not Disturb extension, the following menu item will be present in the Firefox Tools menu:
Do Not Disturb Options...
You can also determine if Do Not Disturb is installed by opening the Firefox Add-ons window and looking for Do Not Disturb in the Extensions list and verifying that it is enabled.
What Is Blocked?
By default, Do Not Disturb modifies Firefox's default behavior in the following ways:
  • Suppresses alerts and other prompts that may be displayed by web pages.  If a blocked prompt must return a value to the web page's JavaScript code, the default value is returned (usually, this is the same as the value that would be returned if the user pressed the Enter key).  Do Not Disturb also blocks the display of password prompts.
  • Automatically cancels disruptive browser dialogs such as the "What would you like to do with this file?" window that is shown when Firefox begins to download a file.
  • Suppresses prompts that may prevent a browser window from closing when a web page uses an onBeforeUnload event handler.
  • In older versions of Firefox:  suppresses certificate warning prompts that would be shown when a web site tries to use an expired or invalid certificate.  When a certification warning is suppressed, Do Not Disturb ensures that the safe choice is made; for example, expired certificates are not accepted.  In newer versions of Firefox, there is no need to block certificate prompts because they are modeless and do not cause Firefox to pause and wait for a response.
  • Prevents web page JavaScript from using the window.print() function.
  • Changes the default values for various Firefox preferences to:
    • Disables the browser session store (so Firefox will not remember which windows and tabs were open when it exits).
    • Prevents web page JavaScript from moving windows and performing other disruptive actions.
    • Disables installation of plugins and add-ons.
    • Suppresses prompts that Firefox may display during startup or when exiting.
See the next section, Customizing Do Not Disturb to learn how to control which items are blocked.
Customizing Do Not Disturb
The Do Not Disturb Options Window
Figure 2 — The Do Not Disturb Options Window
You may customize Do Not Disturb's behavior by adjusting various options.  Use one of the following two methods to open the Do Not Disturb options window:
  • Choose Do Not Disturb Options... from the Firefox Tools menu.
  • Open the Firefox Add-ons window and double-click on Do Not Disturb.
Uncheck one or more of the options to disable some of Do Not Disturb's features.
Additional Assistance
If you need more help or have a suggestion for improving Do Not Disturb, please send us email or use our feedback form.

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