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Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb
As of December 2016, this product has been discontinued.

Pearl Crescent Do Not Disturb is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that suppresses prompts that interfere with unattended use of the browser.

Do Not Disturb is designed to be used in scripted and server environments where no person is present to answer prompts and close popup windows.  For example, Do Not Disturb works well with "headless" Linux server applications that use Firefox in conjunction with a virtual framebuffer such as Xvfb.

Help and Support
For assistance with the Do Not Disturb add-on:
Copyright and License
Pearl Crescent Do Not Disturb is Copyright © 2008-2015 Pearl Crescent, LLC. 

Use of the Pearl Crescent Do Not Disturb add-on is subject to the Do Not Disturb License Agreement.

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